What Are Some Scientific Names Of Protista?


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Some scientific names for protists include Amoeba Proteus, Volvox Globator, Paramecium Aurelia, Euglena, and Foraminifera.

Whilst the names of protista are useful to know, they are more commonly referred to by their classification. These are often easier to remember as there aren't as many, so I've made a list for you below.

The main classifications for protists include:

  • Excavata
  • Rhizaria
  • Unikonta
  • Archaeplastida

Here is a short video which explains about protists in a bit more detail:

The names of protists are very unusual, and so you may need practice saying them a few times before you get the pronunciation spot on! You can try putting some of the names into the pronunciation tool at

On the other hand, if you're like me, you're unliley to be able to say these names no matter how many times that you practice them!

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