What Are Some Interesting Facts About Protista?


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Protists are the eukaryotic organisms that doesn't fit into any other kingdoms. The kingdom protista itself was broken down into many other kingdoms because of protist's diversity.
Protists are either autotrophic, hetrotrophic, or mixotrophic.
Protists reproduce either sexually, asexually, and some even do both in their life cycle.
Protists are either unicellular, multicellular, or colonial.
Some also have cell wall composed of cellulose.
Many are parasitic. Some examples are: Plasmodium, a protist that cause malaria, Trypanosoma, a protist that cause African sleeping sickness, and dinoflagellate that cause the red tide.
Kelps and seaweeds are protists.
They may contain chlophyll a, b, c, or even d

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