What Are The Export Goods Of Pakistan?


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Pakistan exports lots of different type of goods to other countries.Following is the list of major exports from Pakistan:

Cotton apparel
Household furnishings
Cotton cloth
Other textiles apparel & household furnishings
Textile floor coverings including rugs
Non-textile apparel & household furnishings
Sporting goods
camping apparel
Footwear & gear
Scientific equipment
Medical and hospital equipment
Synthetic cloth
Garden wares
Various other tools
Leather Bags
Leather gloves and clothes
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Pakistan exports lots of different type of goods to other countries. Following is the list of major exports from Pakistan:

1. Rice
2. Cotton apparel
3. Household furnishings
4. Cotton cloth
5. Fabrics
6. Other textiles apparel & household furnishings
7. Textile floor coverings including rugs
8. Non-textile apparel & household furnishings
9. Sporting goods
10. Camping apparel
11. Footwear & gear
12. Surgical equipment
13. Medical and hospital equipment
14. Toys
15. Bicycles
16. Synthetic cloth
17. Cookware
18. House ware
19. Garden wares
20. Various other tools
21. Leather Bags
22. Leather gloves and clothes
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Seem at the trade forecast for Pakistan's textile and clothing exports in the international market at the time when it has been determined in the WTO Agreement on Textiles and Clothing that the trade in this division from the rising to developed countries should be totally free from quantitative limitations and governed by the common GATT regulations by 2005. The paper has also assessment the present rank of Pakistan's textile industry.

Textile and clothing is the major supplier to our total exports. But in the international market distribute is marginal. The cause is the rising world struggle. The excellence as well as the variety of goods formed is the major flaw for our textile exports. Therefore, to carry on in a more liberalized and more spirited world in which we are going to enter we need to go for modern skill and for the manufacture of high value added goods. The rice also major exports of the Pakistan. The most popular area of the Pakistan is the shekupura whose export the rice for the international market place for getting handsome foreign exchange.
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Pakistan is an Asian country and is basically considered as an agriculture economy. The major exports of Pakistan include textiles like garments, bed linen, cotton cloth and yarn. Pakistan also exports the sports goods and leather products to the other countries. The handwoven industry of Pakistan is also well established therefore, carpets and rugs are also exported by Pakistan. Moreover, some other exports of Pakistan include chemicals, pharmaceuticals, rice and cotton. The major export partners of Pakistan include Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States, UAE and Germany.
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Pakistan's has had an on-again and off-again relationship with the United States. When relations were good, this meant access to funds, sophisticated weaponry and training. When relations were bad, it meant bitter disillusionment and the severing of support at critical junctures. These wide swings of fortune are something to which the Pakistanis have become accustomed, and they recognize that, whatever the provocation, the relationship with the United States has too much potential benefit to be discarded lightly. After the attacks of September 11, Pakistan received a huge increase in military aid from America. In the three years before the attacks of September 11, Pakistan received approximately $9 million in American military aid. In the three years after, the number increased to $4.2 billion.[17]

France is also actively involved in building and maintaining an alliance with Pakistan within the defence industry. A key note of this defence alliance was the joint-venture of Agos-ta submarines for the Pakistan Navy and the Mirage fighter aircraft for the Pakistan Air Force, being the largest operator of Mirage III and V aircraft after the French Air Force.
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Pakistan exports lot of things like sports goods, surgery instruments, cotton goods, rice, and the pakistan's leather goods are famous in whole world.....

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