What Are Names Of Seeds That Are Dispersed By Explosion?


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Seeds dispersed via explosion are known as wind-dispersed seeds. Although the majority of plants use other means to disperse their seeds, some plants explode in order to cause their seeds to spread. Explosive dispersal, as the process in known, is completed so the seeds land a distance away from the parent plant. Plants belonging to the pea family distribute seeds via this method. Gorse bushes also carry out the process; their seed explosions are said to sound like gunshots to those nearest to the plants.

• Why seed dispersion occurs

Seed dispersion is a naturally occurring process, with the objective of spreading seeds across a wide area. If all seeds were simply deposited in close proximity to the parent plant, the majority would be unable to grow. This is because each seed needs a set amount of nutrients from the ground, in addition to sunlight. If seeds are all bunched together, they will 'fight' for these resources and only some will prevail. The other seeds will be unable to grow. Seed dispersion allows each seed to have its own area, from which it can gather the necessary nutrients and sunlight without competition from other seeds, allowing it to grow.

• Other seed dispersion methods

Plants can be very inventive in developing methods by which to disperse their seeds. Some do so by having seeds shaped in a way so that they will attach to the fur of animals. As the animals brush by the plant, seeds will attach to them, and fall off as the animal moves to a new area. Other plants use the wind to distribute their seeds. For instance, the dandelion has seeds that are able to float through the air and be carried by the wind to new areas. Plants existing near the water's edge may develop seeds that can survive in the water. The seeds will fall into a flow of water and be washed up on the shore of the river or lake elsewhere.
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Peas, pansy, beans, sweet peas seeds are all examples of seeds dispersed by explosion.
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Funny you should ask that, as there are cetain types of pine trees way up here in the north, that have to reach ridiculous amounts of heat in order to disperse seeds. That is why mother nature does have these fires. Weird but true. Otherwise, these trees cannot procreate. Check with, I find it to be a better search engine, as I used to recomment Google, but now that site is so saturated, it is almost impossible to get to the information that you need. I am sure there are many other species of plants that operate under the same condition, but myself, only know of these certain pine trees that do this

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