Name Some Seeds Which Are Dispersed Buy Humans,animals,birds And Wind?


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Humans are very good at spreading tomato plants. Both when they compost left-over food and... Well, lets just say there are often tomatoes growing around sewage farms.
A good example of animal seed dispersal is the acorn. In times of plenty, when oak trees are full of acorns, the squirrels will bury spare nuts for later use. If the squirrel fails to dig up this expertly planted nut it will likely grow and become a source of food in itself.
The bramble or blackberry has a fruit consisting of a group small seeds, each in a delicious flavoured coating. Each seed tends to be swallowed whole unlike the seed on the bird table which when cracked open to get to the goodness inside, renders the seed useless. The whole seed will pass through relatively unaffected by digestive juices to be dropped by the bird, in a neat little pool of fertiliser.
Thistle seeds are small, light seeds with a lightweight tuft that catches the breeze and can be carried considerable distances before they touch the ground. Any getting caught in a moist crevice will start growing.

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