Three Characteristics Of Fruits And Seeds That Are Dispersed By Wind?


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These seeds or fruits are dispersed when they travel away from their mother plant. This reduces the competition between individual plants in some species. Following are the characteristics of Fruits and seeds that are dispersed by Wind:
These fruits and seeds are very tiny in size.
They are so light weight that they can be easily blown around by a breeze.
They have wings or feather parts.
The common examples of seeds that are dispersed through wind are milkweed, dandelions, cattails, maple etc.
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There are several seeds and fruits which are dispersed by wind, water and hitchhiking. The seeds and fruits which are dispersed by wind usually have feathery parts. These feathery parts are also known as wing-like parts of seeds or fruits. Second, characteristic is that these seeds are very light in weight which makes their dispersal easier. Thirdly, these seeds are present in clusters or large numbers and even if they are wasted then many of them when find suitable area can grow. This shows that these plants cannot extinct and even if some seeds are damaged, still the probability of decrease in plant generation is not there. Moreover, these seeds also have a sticky skin.

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