What Are The Characteristics Of A Primary Group?


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There are two areas of characteristics; external and internal. External characteristics have the following

1. Physical proximity:  This is important for the formation of the group itself. The closer you are, the bigger the bond will be.
2.  Size: The primary group is generally very small, and this helps gain with the formation as well as the communication of the group. A smaller group makes it easier for people to get to know their fellow members and understand them, more so than being in a larger group.

Internal characteristics of the group relate to the members. Because of the external characteristics, internal ones are then formed and have the following:
1. Common goals: The members of the group will have similar attitudes and share common goals, which makes the group work more efficient.
2. The end: One must remember the group's aim is to end. Everyone is working toward the same goal and that is for the business or project only. One should not get caught up in other side notes that may arise with working so closely with the group.

The relationship in a primary group is considered to be very intimate and inclusive, which makes it work better.

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