What Are The Components Of A Research Process?


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The research process varies dramatically depending on what is being researched. Scientific research may follow a certain set of components, however, historical, artistic, and medical research or research for a personal project will all differ.

  • Reasons for research
Generally, research will begin with a need for information. A question may arise or a person may find that they cannot complete a project or even begin a project until the necessary research is done.

A person may have an interest in a particular topic or an immediate need for information may have arisen.

  • The process of research
Research involves sourcing knowledge. This information may have already been discovered by someone else and it therefore needs locating.

The knowledge may not have been developed and therefore a different type of research will need to be completed to provide the foundations upon which the research can be structured. Once it has been established exactly what needs to be discovered, the research process can begin.

  •   Forms of research
Once the broad question has been asked, the researcher will look at the available knowledge of the subject.

Many may use the internet and books to establish what research has already been done. They will then be able to narrow down a particular area that they need to specialize in whilst doing their research and they will be able to establish how they will carry out their research.

The researcher may need to set up an experiment, observe people or nature and collect data that they will analyze. The data will often be put into tables and graphs to make it easier to analyze and this will often reveal findings that would be harder to recognize without such graphics.

Once the data is analyzed, the researcher will compare it to other research and will hopefully come to some new and unique conclusions.

Sometimes the conclusions will support previous findings and create strong evidence to support the initial question they were asking.

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