How Food Molecules Enter The Blood From Small Intestine?


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The small intestine's wall is only 1 cell thick, so it is very thin.  Also, it is lined with blood vessels, which aid the food molecules to simply slip into the bloodstream through the wall, or cell. Hope I helped you :)
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Dear Guest:  By the time food reaches the small intestine it's in the form of a liquid.  All absorption of vitamins takes place in the small intestine, which is about 6 feet long and not small at all.  Whatever food you ate which your body can't use it will discard or store as fat.  Hopefully you ate lots of fiber, so, it will become poop, feces, and go to the large intestine to be pushed out and discarded.  But, it you eat greasy foods, just imagine how that fat will deposit in your legs and belly and arms, etc.  So, YOU are what you eat!  So eat lots of fruits and vegetables with lots of clean water..that way good stuff gets absorbed in the small intestine, ok?  Oh, and chew your food really, really well.  Digestion begins in the mouth!
Hope this helps...!!!
Grace RN1

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