How Are Red Blood Cells Adapted For Performing Their Function?


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1.It's bi-concave in shape which supports rapid diffusion
2.It has a spongy cytoplasm which enables it to squeeze through narrow blood capillaries
3.It has no nucleus which means it can carry more haemoglobin
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Michael Sholar answered
It's function is primarily oxygen transport. Intracellular proteins called hemoglobin are the primary agents that bond Oxygen within RBC's. The RBC loses it's nucleus as it matures and therefore has room for the maximum amount of hemoglobin. Also it is discoid in shape for greater surface area which helps with gas exchange and it can contort and squeeze through small capillaries to deliver it's supply of Oxygen to the tissues supplied by those capillaries.
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They contain no nucleus, they are the only cell which does this.  They have a platelet shape which allows them to carry oxygen, this is the reason that sickle cell disease causes such issues, as a symptom is warped cell shape. (:

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