How Can Convert Gsm To Kg?


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* * These two links will do the conversion for you. If you need to show your work such as for homework assignments then the following can be very helpful.
1 gram equals .001 kilograms
GSM stands for grams per square meter. Grams are a form of kilograms. If you have kilograms then you have more grams. In other words kilo means thousand, so you have a thousand grams when you have kilograms. This is why 1 gram is equal to .001 kilograms.
The first thing you have to do in deciding how many kilograms there are is to convert GSM to kilograms per square meter. If you have 1GSM then you have .001 kilograms per square meter.
After you have kilograms per square meter you can figure out the kilograms. When something is squared it means it is multiplied by 2. So you would take .001 divided by 2 to find out the kilograms.
You could also take the grams per square meter and un- multiply it. In other words, if you have 100 GSM it means you have 100/2 meters, so it is 50 grams. Then you can convert it to the kilograms. During the conversion remember you will have less kilograms meaning you are taking the calculation by 1/1000 to figure out the kilograms.
GSM is often used to figure out paper. Paper is rated at grams per square meter before it is sold to tell a person how much it weighs and the size of the package. In most cases kilogram are only used when the GSM is high enough to be considered in kilogram weight. The paper world often sticks with GSM for their paper weight calculations, so consider using one of the converters to double check your calculations.
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300 gsm convert to 1000 kg
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How to convert 176 gsm plain shirt into kilogram?or how many t Shirt for 176 gsm in one kilo?

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