How To Convert 5 Cubic Meter Of Gas To Kg ,gas Density Is .600lb/feet?


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We can use the conversion factor
  1 Pound(force)/ft^3 ≈ 16.0185 Kilogram(force)/m^3

You have
  (5 m^3)*(0.6 Pound(force)/ft^3)*(16.0185 kg(force)/m^3)/(1 Pound(force)/ft^3))
  = 3*16.0185 kg(force)
  = 48.0554 kg(force)

Pounds is a unit of force. Kilograms is a unit of mass. Because we all live and work in Earth's gravity field, we often use units of force and mass interchangeably. In Earth's gravity, 48 kg(force) will be exerted by a 48 kg mass.

(The last decimal place is rounded, so the numbers appear to be off by 1. Source numbers do not support 6 significant digits in the answer, so you need to round as may be required. Possibly, 50 kg is close enough for your need.)

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