How Was The Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers Fixed In Apollo 13?


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The CO2  problem was caused by the scrubber's cartridges being "used up". The crew needed to figure out a way to attach a square cartridge holder to a round intake on the scrubber. They ended up using  Duct Tape, YUP the same stuff we laugh about,  they were able to make the connection and were then able to have the scrubber working again to lower the CO2 levels, which were rapidly getting critical. The CO2 scrubbers on the LM, their,"Lifeboat" only had enough scrubber cartridges for 2 people for 1 and 1/2 days, whereas the Command Module's were much bigger and made for the whole trip. The CMs cartridges were square, the LMs round  !! :)

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PS if you do a search for "Apollo 13 CO2 Scrubber fix" you can read about it.

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