Where Is The Mineral Diamond Found?


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By nature
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South africa, canada , australia ,brazil and india . . . .
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Historically, India (at least in the south of it) was the only place that was known to be able to mine for diamonds. However, once their source ran low and the first place other than India to have found diamonds, which was Brazil in 1725, they took over as the highest commercial producer.

South Africa was next to discover their diamond mines in the 1870's.

Today, in terms of commercial production, you have Russia, Australia, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Canada (in the north west), Siberia (Yakutia territory), Africa (central and southern) and Brazil.

In terms of the US, Colorado and Arkansas are known to have sources for diamonds, although they are not mined commercially.
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Diamond is considered as the hardest mineral in nature. Diamonds are found mostly in central and southern Africa as they contribute to around 49% of the total diamond production in the world. It is also found in Canada, India, Russia, Australia and Brazil. For more details see the link below:

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