What Are Some Ways To Avoid Using Carbon Based Fuel Such As Coal And Oil?


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One possible way is to utilise the kenetic energy in the wind, by using wind turbines, and to convert that into mechanical energy. Once you have that mechanical energy you can then convert it to electricity. Obviously, ultimately once you have the electricity it opens the door for many uses. In todays world you have hybrid cars, which use both petrol (which essentially comes from oil) and electricity. While these are great step in the right direction, ideally something that runs creating zero carbon emissions would be even better. So, in the future, having a car that runs on a battery charged from a wind turbine (you could leave it to charge overnight) would be brilliant!

Another way to avoid using carbon based fuels is to utilise the power of the sun, otherwise known as solar power or alternatively the use of water for hydro power.
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Carbon based fuel are one of the major causes of Ozone layer depletion and are thus very harmful. There are many alternatives to carbon based fuels and researches are being conducted to decrease their economic cost so that they can be used as everyday fuel. These alternatives are Solar energy, Wind energy and Hydro energy etc. You can know about these alternatives at the link below:

Also a modification in everyday routine can be helpful in avoding these fuels such as walking or cycling instead of using a vehicle or using a car pool etc.
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You are mixing two different things into the one here, let me separate them for you.
Enhanced Greenhouse Effect: What most scientists are arguing when too much carbon dioxide (CO2) is released into the atmophere. These greenhouse gases trap the infra-red radiation and keep it in the atmosphere, heating up the planet (aka. Global Warming)
Ozone Depletion: When ChloroFluroCarbons (CFC's) get emitted into the atmosphere and turn the Ozone (O3) into normal oxygen (O2). This is bad because Ultraviolet radiation does not get broken down into infra-red and enters straight to the ground (sunburn and skin cancer).
It is easy to mix these two up because both were about industrialisation. CO2 when the fuels get burnt, and CFC's when they were used in refrigeration, aerosol cans, etc.

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