How Do I Determine The Square Footage Of My House?


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If your home is square or rectangular, multiply the lengths of two adjacent sides and that is the actual footprint. If you have an irregular home, break it up into smaller rectangular pieces, measure each, do the calculation on each and add the pieces together.

If you need the actual living space you will have to perform this same calculation on each living area. In most cases garages and basements are not counted as living areas.
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Hi, if your home is not new, you can check your deed or your state's Department of Assessments and Taxation. You can do this on line. Take care!
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It is really difficult to calculate the total square footage of your home. It has to be done by a professional. You can consult a building contractor in this matter who will help you calculating the area of your house. In case you do not want to go through all that trouble, you can also check the blue print of your house that you might have saved when the house was complete. The blue print would mention the total area of the house. In case you do not have the blue print, you can check your house's legal papers. The papers would mention the total area of the house as well. There is one more way of finding the area of the house and that is your local municipality. You can go to the office and give your address and the person responsible there will provide you with all the details of your house.
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When you bought your home, ir you used used a broker and paid for an appraisal, they should have supplied a copy to you.  The square footage is certainly on that and on your county tax assessment statement where it will disclose the assessable square footage.  Not included in sq footage are un finished basements and garage areas....hope that helped
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If my house is 1800 square feet how do I calculate the square foot price

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