How Do I Work Out Linear Footage And What It All Means?


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First of all, it is important to remember that linear feet and square feet are completely different units of measurement. But let’s go back to basics, linear footage is a term that is used to describe a single foot length of any long and narrow object for example if you are covering your hallway with laminate wood. This unit of measurement is most commonly used for measuring the length of planks of wood or boards. One linear foot is the same as a board foot as long as the board is 12 in wide.

In order to calculate the square footage you measure the length and width of the board, which gives you the linear feet, and then multiply the two numbers together. If what you are measuring is in inches, multiply the length by the width and then divide the answer you get by 144 in. This is because there are 144 inches in one square foot. The answer you get at the end of all this is the square footage.

Then you need to use this figure to work out the linear footage. To do so you divide the square footage by the linear measurement of 12.

If you look research how to work out linear footage on the Internet you may come across several methods that can be used but be warned, some are way more complicated than others. If you will be needing to do this calculation on a regular basis, Ia method that works best for you and continue with that one.
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Linear footage is the footage of material you need to do a particular task, for instance to cover a home with vinyl siding. A linear foot is the same as a board foot, if the board is 12" wide.

To figure square footage you measure the length and the width, then multiply the two numbers. If, what you are measuring is in inches, you will multiply the length times the width, then divide the answer by 144" because there are 144" in one square foot. The result will be your square footage.

To figure linear footage you divide the square footage using the linear measure of 12. If your square footage is 234 square feet divided by 12 then your linear footage is 19.50 or 19.5 linear feet.

If you enter, linear feet measurements, into the search bar, you will find many examples of linear footage, some simple and some complex.
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I need to figure out linear feet for freight on a truck. I have 10 skids measuring 70L x 29W x 28 H and I can stack them three high. How do I do the calculation?
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A linear foot is a term that is used to describe a single foot length of any long and generally narrow object. The word lineal is sometimes incorrectly used in connection with the same but in actuality lineal is actually descriptive of ancestry rather than the linear foot in question. A linear foot is commonly used while measuring fencing, boards, and pipes. Very rarely the term linear foot is used as another name for the board foot but this is only in case the board is twelve inches wide. Terms like linear yard and linear meter are also used to describe one meter and one yard respectively.

You can easily calculate the length of something if you know its measurement in linear feet. A linear foot is basically a foot in length. Therefore say for example something is 10 linear feet long it is actually ten feet in length. This is how you can calculate linear foot.
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What is the linear footage of a gutter needed to go 22'9" on one side and 17'6" on the other. Please explain so I understand the answer.
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For kitchen cabinets measuring:
18.4 X 2.4 ft, 7.2 X2.4, 3.8 X 2.4, and 22.6 X 2.2, what would linear feet total?
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Trying to figure linear footage of baseball field for outfield from right corner foul pole
to left corner foul pole. It is 310 sq ft from home plate to right field foul pole and
310 sq ft from home plate to left field foul pole. Dead center field is 400 sq feet.
What is linear footage of the outfield?
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If I want to hang 4'x12' sheetrock on a space that is 68 linear feet how many sheets will it take?

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