How Do You Measure Square Feet Of Your Room?


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The square footage of a wall is the length of the wall (in feet) times the height of the wall (in feet). The square footage of a room is the sum of the square footage of all of the walls in the room.

One wall is 10 feet long, another is 2 feet 4 inches long, and the room has a ceiling that is 100 inches high.
  total area = (10 ft)*(100/12 ft) + (2 4/12 ft)*(100/12 ft)
    = (10 ft + 2 4/12 ft)*(100/12 ft) = (10 + 2.33)*(8.33) ft2
    = 12.33*8.33 ft2 = 102.78 ft2

The areas of doors and windows may need to be subtracted. The area of those features is computed the same way: (length in feet)*(height in feet)

It is a good idea to talk to your wallpaper supplier about how to do these calculations. Special conditions can have a significant effect on the amount of paper you need, including roll length, pattern repeat length, and roll width. The locations of corners or other features with respect to the width of the roll may result in a certain amount of "waste."

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Measure the length and then width of the room. Multiply length with width and you will get the square feet.

For example the length of the room is 5 feet and width is 8 feet then you can say that this is a 40 square feet room.
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Length times Width equals area. That is true. If you have an irregular room, divide it into multiple rectangles and calculate the square foot area of each... Simple geometry. If you have diagonal walls, it becomes more interesting... personally, I would call whoever is doing my flooring. They are the experts, and give free estimates in the process.
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If there are diagonal walls, then you can divide the area of the room into triangles. The area of a triangle is almost as simple as that of a rectangle: It is the length times the width, divided by 2. If the triangle is not a right triangle, call the longest side of it the base. Drop a perpendicular line from the opposite vertex to the base. Then measure the length of the base and the perpendicular line. Multiply those two lengths, and divide by 2.

Now if there are curved walls, that's when it gets really interesting!
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You need to measure the length of the room and then the width of the room. Then multiply length x width and that's your square footage. If its an odd shape like an L , break the room down into rectangles and then measure each area, find the square footage for each area then add them together.
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To measure the square feet of your room, the first process you should follow is to measure the length and width of it. To measure the length what you can do is to take a measuring tape and ask a friend of yours to take one end and you should take another one to another end of the room. Doing this you can measure the length of the room. You can follow the same process for measuring the width also.

After taking both the measurement, you should write down the figures on a piece of paper. After writing them, you should multiply the figures and the figure you have can be expressed in square feet. By using the term you are talking about the area of the room and when you are to order anything for your room, it is this measurement that is relevant.
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I would like to buy an air-conditioner for my appartment how do I measure the rooms

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