What Is The Importance Of Cell Division In The Life Of An Organism?


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Cell division is important in an organism for the growth,repair and reproduction.the process whose responsible for growth and repair is the mitosis and meiosis for reproduction..=)
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1.In reproduction-without cell division mitosis could not be effected, as a result no reproduction could be effected,thus no new generations.
2.In growth-cell divition allows growing of an organism,since inclease in cell number allows defferentiation of body structures of an organism. of injured parts-cell division aid to inclease number of cells which aid to repair an injured area of an organism.
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When An Ova Is Fertilised The Cells That It Divides Into (Although Are Just Identical Cells With No Specific Functions At The Time) Will Develop Into Different Tissues And Cells With Functions During Pregnancy, Eg: Brain Tissue, Heart Tissue, Etc Etc.
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If a cell ides another can be made through cell division

It makes you body grow and develop
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If there is no cell division the people like you won't be able to ask this question from it

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