What Is The Difference Between Cell Division And Gamete?


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The key difference in the gametes and cell division is that; the process of cell division produces the gametes.

A gamete is a word from Ancient Greek; gamete translated as wife or husband. The gametes are specialized cells, the product of cell division. One gamete fuses with another gamete in the process of fertilization. This is the conception process in those species that reproduce sexually. Gametes are of two types; a female gamete on female individual of specie, usually larger and is called an ovum or egg, and the other is a male gamete produces by male individual of the species and are smaller than egg, called a spermatozoon or sperm.

Now how these gametes or specialized cell arises from the ordinary cell within the body of species. It is the process of cell division called meiosis, a process of cellular division that reduces the number of sets of chromosomes from two to one. So gametes are always haploid cells. This is why that after fertilization two gametes fuses and diploid cell arises. This diploid somatic cell has one set of the chromosome from the egg or mother, and another set of the chromosome from the sperm or father.

There is another cell division in which the numbers of chromosomes remain same by dividing the chromosomes set in 2, each goes to the separate baby cell and the result is 2 somatic cells from the single parent cell.

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