Police chase a car for stealing or just because a person refuses to stop for an alleged minor traffic violation. They chase people til they crash into innocent people & the innocent person dies. 

×Who really is responsible for their death?

I say its the police fault and the police should have murder charges file against them. The know anyone driving dangerously, erratically and at high speeds through neighborhoods and driving the wrong way. Has to be crazy that person doesn't care about life.The police need to be responsible and stop chasing people for burglaries and robberies and minor traffic accident it is not worth taking an innocent person's life. 
Yesterday Houston had a chase and innocent victim died😥. 


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Yes i seen that on tv jan .before its over the city of houston will be giving the family some money for a idiotic hi speed chase

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I doubt if it's possible to give a definitive answer to this. If a crime is committed the responsibility lies with the police to pursue and apprehend the culprits. Even so, there will be times when they should exercise their judgment and decide the pursuit is too dangerous and, even reluctantly, back off.

The downside of that, of course, is that once it becomes common practice, criminals will realise that they have a good chance of escaping if the police are reluctant to chase them.

A direct answer to your question? The person fleeing the police is responsible. It's far too easy to blame the cops when something goes wrong but their job is a difficult one and whatever they do there's going to be a section of the community that blames them for not doing something else.

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People must take responsibility for their actions!! The driver tried to escape rather than taking responsibility for whatever the police were trying to stop the driver for. It is the drivers responsibility!

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In California I don't even notice any more if there is a high speed chase cuz it happens morning, noon and night it seems. The only reason why I "noticed" the last one was because I was the only one on the road but on the other side of the freeway was a BUNCH of cops in slow pursuit of a vehicle. All the ones who caught my eye in the path never made me think "oh the cops should have never been chasing them." Sorry but I do not blame the cops if something happens when they are chasing someone in a chase. There was one though that DID affect me in a very sad way. The stupid news reporter was taping live and forgot to "zoom out" when the car stopped and the suspect shot at the cops and they fired back. I did not like seeing the windshield shatter and witness the death of a person. That was his last moments. I still do not blame the cops. As the matter of fact I am gonna be very bold and say people need to take responsibility for their actions THEN maybe there would be less cop chases!

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Hi Yin, I want to say, I have not said and will not say, nor do I think the police are to blame for everything or for people's poor choices to run from them. There are thousands of good dedicated police officers that do a very difficult job and I give them lots of Praise and thank you.
I do feel high speed chases should end Immediately.
I too and going to be bold and agree with you people do need to take responsibility for their own actions and immediately stop running from the police. Good comment thank you.
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Yah if they would just pull over then there would be no chase. :0)
Thank you my friend. :0)
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Sweetie I agree. Thank you my friend ;)
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Each agency has a "pursuit" policy.



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Someone who doesn't stop for a traffic violation can be wanted for murder. You never know their reasoning. Around here there are strict protocols for high speed chases. There was one in the Orlando area the other day and the cops had backed off, but the driver kept on going and about 5 minutes later hit and killed someone. Most people who run really don't care who that put at risk.

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Respectfully, I disagree.  The entire event would never have occurred if a crime had not initially took place. The police are doing their job. Either way, they can't win. If they drove too slow, people would say they were slacking and didn't care. Whenever there is an accidental death, there are no easy answers. I'm just fed up with people blaming the police for everything these days.

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Yep me to.
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Respectfully I disagree. I don't blame the police for everything and their's some fantastic officers doing a very difficult job. But I do feel the high speed chases should end immediately. Good comments. Thanks
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Many cities, Omaha included, have rules governing high speed chases.  We've had incidents where the police felt it was too unsafe to continue the chase and backed off.

Unfortunately, the idiots that were fleeing continued their reckless driving, speeding and whatnot. Paid no attention to the fact they were no longer being pursued, continued to drive like a bat out of Hades, hit several cars and killed people as a result.

The families wanted to sue the police, but the police had called off the pursuit as much as 30 minutes before all this happened.

In that instance, I don't believe the police were at fault. There have been other chases where people have been injured or killed and I believe that each instance should be judged separately.

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