Is Saturn's Orbit Unusual?


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In answering your question about whether Saturn's orbit is unusual, it depends whether you are comparing it to other planets' orbit, or whether it is just unusual within itself.

In relation to other planets, it would not be deemed highly unusual since all planets in the Solar System do not orbit in a perfect circle. Saturn travels elliptically around the sun. Therefore, every planets' orbit can be deemed idiosyncratic in some way.

The difference between Earth and Saturn in terms of their orbit is that, whilst ours is once yearly, Saturn takes almost 30 years to go all the way around the sun.

There is a slightly unusual edge to it's orbit when considering our perception of this planet from earth. This is found in the visibility of Saturn's rings. Every 14-15 years, it would seem that the rings become invisible from where are are standing, due to the angle at which is rotating at this point in it's orbit. In this way, the orbit of Saturn could be considered slightly unusual, and a little deceiving every 15 years!

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