Enumerate The Major Parts Of The Frog Seen On Dorsal Surface.mention And Describe The Organs Found In Each Part?


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If you are looking to enumerate the major parts of a frog, regarding its dorsal surface, there are several things you may wish to consider. Firstly, it may be better to have a diagram of a dissected frog for you to label, to make it easier to remember and understand what we would be referring to. Also, you may want to dissect the frog yourself, to get a true understanding of what it looks like inside, meaning that you will remember it more clearly.

Here are some things you can do to learn about the dorsal surface of a frog:

  • Ask your science teacher to do a dissection lesson

You could ask if your class could do a lesson on dissection, or if you could perhaps do some extra time in school or at dinner times and do the dissection with your teacher, so that you can get one to one tuition. This way, you can watch how a dissection is properly done and you can also learn about these major parts of the dorsal surface without actually having to get your hands dirty yourself. If you make yourself up a diagram like aforementioned, you will be able to watch the tutor and mark off the different parts for future reference, when you may actually need the information.

  • Pick up a textbook

There will undoubtedly be something regarding the dorsal surface of a frog in a text book that you can get your hands on, somewhere. This somewhere could either be from your school's science department or from your local library if you are no longer in education. This means that, if you are squeamish, you won't have to see the dissection being done and you can just learn from the pictures. You will also be able to copy out the diagrams from the library books for future reference, meaning you can use the information near exam time when you are revising.

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