What Are The Two Major Parts Of Science?


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"Science" is derived from the Latin term "scientia", which means knowledge. It is common to classify different sciences into differently named categories. Generally, these categories "branch off" from other named categories that would cover a number of different scientific topics. For example, the scientific category "Biology" would cover such subject areas as microbiology, genetics and cell biology, etc.

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The two main parts of science that are considered to be categories that cover all others are natural sciences and social sciences. Natural sciences defines the category that covers such scientific subject areas as biology, physics and other natural phenomena. Social sciences tend to study human behavior, social groups, etc.

The two classifications are empirical sciences. This means that knowledge gained from such scientific study must be based on phenomena that can be tested and observed by other scientists.

Many people suggest that there are three major types of science, defined as biology, chemistry and physics. Although these are very large scientific subject areas, they only cover areas within the classification of natural sciences, not social science. They can be considered as the three main subject fields of natural science, however other branches include astronomy, earth science, atmospheric science, etc.

Some suggest that science can be broken down into a different set of two types; physical science and life science. These can be considered a branch from natural sciences, where biology branches off from life science and chemistry and physics branch off from physical science.
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