Can I Get A Copy Of A Plant Cell?


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If you require a copy of a diagram of a plant cell, there are several sites from which you can choose. Google Images is the most obvious source, but be aware those images are likely to be subject to copyright laws. Wikimedia Commons is the best site to use for public domain images or other pictures that are free to use.

The above plant cell diagram is an example of what you can find on Google Images. For specific collections of botany images, try The Kew Image Library or the Botany and Horticultural Library of the Sminthsonian.

The Difference Between Animal Cells and Plant Cells

As you can see from the above diagram, plant cells contain certain parts that are not found in animal cells, such as the cell wall, the chloroplasts and the permanent vacuole. Plant cells and animal cells do have elements in common, these being the nucleus, the cytoplasm, the cell membrane, the mitochondria and the ribosomes.

If you're interested in the structure of plant cells, learn more by watching this film:

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