Can You List The Parts Of A Plant Cell?


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Plasma membrane,ribosome,plasmodesma,vacuole,rough ER,mitochondrion,nuclear membrane,nucleus,nucleolus,smooth ER,chloroplast,microtubule,golgi complex,cell wall,cytoplasm..these are the parts of plant cell..
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It includes cell wall,  cell membrane, nucleus, nucleolus, chromatin network and chromosomes,endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, ribosomes, golgi bodies, plastids (chloroplast , chromoplast and leucoplast),vacuole and cell inclusions

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Cell wall
cell membrane
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The plant cell consists of a cell wall , nucleus, nuclear membrane, nucleolus, chromosomes, chloroplasts, golgi complex, mitochondria, ribosomes, plastids ,vacoules.
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Cell theory cell wall cell cell membrane cytoplasm ribosomes organelles nucleus chloroplasts mitochondria er golgi nucleolus plastids vacuoles Plasmodesma microtublue plasma membrane
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A Plant cell consists of Cell membrane, Cell wall, Plasmodesma, Vacuole, Plastids, Chloroplast, and many other parts. To find out more about a Plant cell and also all its parts please visit the following link.
Plant cell

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