Does The Shape Of Cells Tell You Something About The Job The Cell Does?


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Every cell have its own function and job. I want to see more plzz
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The complex design of the human body has never ceased to amaze the dedicated fraternity. The body is a storehouse of cells that take on a number of sophisticated functions. Each cell is functional within a particular design and application and each is absolutely unique. The cells are a part of every internal and external organ of the body and basically they are the first to be susceptible to any outside 'attack'. Each cell, within a function, is designed differently and the shape also defines the work of the cell.

The role of protein in the formation and maintenance of the cell shape and the physical dimensions of a cell largely relate to the kind of function performed. In most organisms, the cell wall is observed as responsible for the shape of the cells. Each cell is at somewhat self-contained and self-maintaining in nature. The cell design is such that it takes in the required nutrients and converts these vital nutrients into the much required energy. Cells also carry out specialized functions and reproduce, depending upon the organism. Each cell is a storehouse of dedicated instructions for carrying out each of the pre-determined activities, within the scope of the organ in question.

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