What Is Difference Between Multi Processor And Multi Program System?


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the differences between multiprocessing and multi programming. Multiprocessing refers to processing of multiple processes at same time by multiple CPUs. Multi programming keeps several programs in main memory at the same time and execute them concurrently utilizing single CPU. For more info get help at CodeAvail- Online Computer Science Assignment

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Multiprocessor accomplish more than one processor.
In multi program a single user cannot keep the cpu and other I/o devices we see at all times.
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In simple words multitasking/ multiprogramming conveys single processor and multiprocessing connotes to 2 processors being used to accomplish a task/job. A minor difference between multitasking and multiprogramming can be understood by help of threads in JAVA where each (more than 1 program) program being run attributes to multiprogramming and each thread within a program connotes to multitasking as they share time with and r run concurrently......

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