What Is The Difference Between UPS Single Mode And UPS Multi Mode?


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By UPS single mode means there is only one mode within optical fiber having a small core. Through the core one light wave can be carried or passed. This light wave may only, move in a straight line. With single mode the core of the optical fiber is normally be 10 microns or less in diameter. Single mode optical fibre is used in telecommunications. The single mode fiber is used to retain the light wave fidelity over a long distance. There is no dispersion of the light pulses as happens in multiple mode optical fiber. Single mode fibers have a higher bandwidth because they transmit more information per unit than multi-modes fibers.

A cable or optical fiber is considered to be multi mode because it possesses a larger center, than a single mode fiber. Multi mode fiber is used to support multi mode propagation of light waves. The multi mode fibre is used in telecommunications equipment and is usually less expensive than single mode fiber. However, multi mode fiber can transmit light over longer distances than single mode fiber. The normal diameter of multi mode fiber is 62.5 micrometers and its core/cladding size is 62.5/125 um.

Multi mode cable/fiber can support more than one light wave at a time. Fiber with multi mode capabilities are used with LED systems and it will operate at 850 or 1300 nanometers. Core is the fiber within the covering, which surrounds it and holds it in place, this is called the cladding.

If, you would like more information you can enter the words, "single mode fiber", "multi mode fiber" into your search bar and find a list of websites for information and examples of uses for each.

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