How Is A Star Formed?


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Star formation is a procedure in which the cold and dark cloud of gas and dust have become transformed into an extremely hot sparkling star having a surface temperature varies between 3,000K to 50,000K. The galaxy consists of vast amount of cold gases which are beginning to contract due to their own gravitational attraction. In the process of the contraction, the volume of the cloud heats up and takes apparently the spherical shape. As it becomes hotter, it employs more pressure which leads to further contraction. The process of contraction comes into its termination point when the gravitational force and gas pressure comes into homoeostasis. When the cloud becomes extremely hot or reaches to its own threshold point, it initiates thermonuclear fusion at its centre, which eventually enables the phenomenon to prolong own gravity to its own centre for a long planetary time – such a phenomenon is then named as star and this is the way a star is formed.
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A Star can be defined as a massive and luminous ball made of Plasma. Basically stars are formed from huge molecular clouds, in the interstellar medium. These clouds are made up of hydrogen, with 23-28% helium and some percentage of various heavier elements. The gravitational instability inside a molecular cloud, triggered by massive stellar explosions or collision of two galaxies forms a star.
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A star is formed however it is formed!! Don't ask me to tell you any useful information! DUH!!!

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