How Do I Make A Bridal Bouquet Using Hydrangeas?


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My florist told me that hydrangeas would not last very long, and that they would only work if kept in water until just before walking down the aisle. I'm going to use silks to make my bridesmaids' bouquets and have mine done fresh by a florist to avoid wilting or brown flowers!
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Hydrangeas belong to a genus of about 70-75 species of flowering plants. They are  native to southern and eastern Asia and North and South America. Hydrangeas look lovely in bridal bouquets whether they are used alone or with some other flowers in a combination. Here is a link from where you can get help in making a bridal bouquet:
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Hydrangeas are quite expensive. They look lovely in
the bridal bouquet. You can check online for flower arrangements in the

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