What Are The Differences: A Stalk Of A Flower, A Bouquet Of A Flower, A Bunch Of Flowers?


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The stalk is the part of the plant to which the flower and leaves are attached; the long thin part that comes out of the ground (the main stem.)

Bouquet and bunch are much closer in meaning. Sometimes they can mean the same; but bouquet is more limited in meaning. It is actually a French word (pronounced boo-KAY) and like many French words used in English, it has more elegant, "special" associations than its English equivalent, "bunch." The word bouquet would suggest a more carefully prepared, perhaps more expensive bunch of flowers.

Bunch can also apply to other things: you can have a bunch of sticks, bananas and anything that can be grouped together in a flower-like way; whereas you can't have a bouquet of bananas etc.

By the way, bouquet does have another meaning. If you talk about the bouquet of a glass of wine, you mean the smell.

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