Is Silver Magnetic?


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Silver is not magnetic. It is in fact diamagnetic, as are gold, mercury, lead and copper. Diamagnetism is when an object is caused to create a magnetic field in opposition to an external magnetic field, in simple terms; the metal in question will repel the metal with the magnetic field. Diamagnetic metals are those that have a relative permeability of less than 1. This is according to Lenz's Law, which states, "An induced current is always in such a direction as to oppose the motion or change causing it." This is the easiest way of understanding how electromagnetic circuits obey Newton's third law, which simply put states "to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction." Silver has a relative permeability of -2.6, whilst lead has a relative permeability of -1.8. Water too has a negative relative permeability (-1.8), as do copper (-1) and carbon (in diamond form, -2.1). Silver can display very weak magnetic properties when it is exposed to extremely low temperatures. The most common examples of magnetic materials are iron, nickel and cobalt. Silver has the chemical symbol Ag and its atomic number is 47. The atomic number, sometimes called the proton number is the number of protons found exclusively in the nucleus of an atom that make it identical to the charge number of the nucleus. So if an atom has neutral charge, the atomic number will be equal to the number of electrons. Silver is classed as a precious metal and is used to make items of jewellery, utensils and ornaments. It is also used to make some coins. The metal is often used in the manufacture of mirrors and the compounds of it are used in photographic films and disinfectants. It is currently being researched for its possible clinical potential.
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No, silver is very similar to gold and is not magnetic. It does not turn magnetic on its own however in a magnetic field it magnetizes to a very little extent.
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While silver is a good conductor, it will not be attracted by a magnet.
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Silver would not stick to a magnet.
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It would have to be a ferrous material to be magnetic, another words steel or iron.
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There are other metals, such as nickel and cobalt which are "ferromagnetic", but don't contain any iron.
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Actually any metal when in a liquid state can be highly magnetic even liquid Sodium can become very magnetic under specific conditions. Even Ceramics. Note that when heated to high temperatures or when cooled by extreme items such as Liquid Nitrogen. Many metals emit a powerful magnetic field. Try it some time.
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No. Nickel, Iron and Cobalt are the magnetic elements. All compound which have these elements are magnetic (example: Steel). Silver does not have any of them, so it is not magnetic. However in a magnetic field it magnetizes to a very little extent.

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