What Is The Definition Of Marine West Coast Climate?


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The Marine West coast climate is also known as the Oceanic climate or Maritime climate. This kind of climate is usually found along the west coast along the middle latitudes of  all the continents of the world.

The climate is very humid throughout the year. This area is located in the path of west winds from the oceans which bring with them cloudy skies, high precipitation and mild temperatures etc. This climate is extremely affected by the orientation of the mountain system in North America and Europe.

The distinguishing characteristics are temperature and precipitation. The temperatures is usually moderate to low. That is why summers and winters are wild. There is constant influx of oceanic air throughout the year which directly causes mild temperatures. On the other hand, Precipitation is very high through most of the year. There are prolonged periods of rain, drizzle and fog due to frequent cyclonic storms.
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High rainfall and mild climate. The mild climate, featuring a relatively narrow range of average temperatures, is the over-riding characteristic.

Usually rains a lot, but more in the winter, and not usually heavily, more like steady drizzle for long periods. One very dry example exists: Patagonia, in Argentina.

Mild (in temperatures) in winter and summer. So virtually no temperature extremes, not too cold, rarely truly hot. May snow, but not prone to deep drifts forming.

Also called oceanic climate, and maritime climate. Because the ocean is the main moderating influence. Especially found in the northwest of the lower 48 US states and southern Alaska. Also in the middle part of northern Europe. The UK has this type of climate.
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Wiki's map that identifies Marine West Coast in dark green does'nt square with the Koeppen climate categories.  In both cases Wiki's map and Koeppen are wrong when it comes to correctly identifying the marine west coast climate of Oregon and Washington (west of the Cascade Mountain Range).  Wiki does'nt show it correctly and the you of Melbourne's Koeppen map gets it wrong (calling instead "Mediterranean') .    I hate it when information like this is just plain unreliable.    I would instead rely on the much better climate identification system developed by Sunset Magazine,  see it in the Sunset 'Western Garden Book'  .
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Its a rainy part of some place with rain fall all year around

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