What Is An Example Of Secondary Succession In A Tropical Rainforest?


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It's hard to give examples that demonstrate secondary succession in a tropical rain-forest, without first defining what the process of "secondary succession" means.

So, firstly, here's a quick description of the process:

What is secondary succession?
  • Firstly, it is the initial colonization by non-woody vegetation.
  • Next is the establishment of (and subsequent closure of the canopy) by short-lived, small-seeded, woody pioneer species. This is followed by their replacement by longer-lived secondary species.
  • Lastly comes their gradual replacement by mature forest - large-seeded, climax species.
What are some examples of secondary succession in a rain-forest?
Secondary succession occurs anytime there is mass-scale disturbance, or damage done to the rain-forest.

Following the harmful event, the vegetation and plants regenerate from the pre-existing soil, minerals, roots and seed banks. Invading outsider species of plants may also take the place of vegetation that has been damaged or wiped out.

Examples of this happening in the rain-forest are mainly centered around the Amazon (the largest rain-forest of all).

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