How Do I Hook Up Solar Panels, Controller To Battery Charger?


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You can hook up solar panels controller to a battery charger very easily. Depending upon the manufacturer of the solar panels, they may even provide instructions. If you’ve lost the manuals, you can go directly to their website and download the instruction manual in a pdf form.

Listed below are some of the more common company sites that sell solar panels:

You’ll want to ensure that the solar panels controller you have is compatible with the battery charger. If you hook them up and one is more powerful than the other, you’ll likely damage your equipment, which will cost you significant amounts of money, not to mention frustration.

A 13-watt solar panel will provide you enough charge for a 12-volt battery. Once you’re sure they are compatible, you’ll go ahead and take the wires from the controller and attach them into the battery charger.  The solar panel will come with alligator clamps labeled by name or color of negative and positive. You’ll then clamp them to the corresponding terminals on your battery charger.

You’ll then need to get your solar panel in the sun, since that’s what’s giving everything the energy. You can simply place it in the sun or you can mount it so that it provides your batteries with constant energy. This will enable you to run whatever you want with the battery without having to stop and hook them up temporarily for a charge.

The longer that you leave the solar panel in the sun, the more of a charge your battery will get. If you wait until there is no more juice left in the battery, it may take several hours in the sun. While this sounds tedious, remember that it’s not costing you any electricity.
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Good day, I have 3 solar panels on my rv, I had to 45 watt and now have added a 20 watt. I don't seem to be getting the same voltage with the 3 as I did with the 2 45 watt. I am thinking they don' t mate?  Please advise..
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First, you need to know what kind of load you are going to be putting on your panels/battery bank.  Next, you need to figure out what type of batteries you will use, see the website for details.  Then, you will have to calculate how many batteries you will need.  You wil need a solar charge controller and possibly a battery conditioner.  See for do-it-yourself tips.  You will need an inverter to suit the load you will be putting on the system OR you can get a grid-tie inverter and sell excess electricity back to the grid.
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To hook up solar panels to the battery charger you must attach the wires to the batter terminals and then plug it. In this way, you'd be able to hook the controller with the batter charger and it will work perfectly. For more information you can check the following link. Click here to see the different links on this topic.

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