Can Solar Panels Work Without Sunlight?


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samual answers answered
Yes, they can work with regular lighting but if you want to power your house so you can plug in the light to charge the batteries, the sun first needs to power up the batteries so you can continue the cycle. Your electric bill will be outrageous but it can be done.
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Karl Sagan answered

Well, if it works with yellow lighting, it is the one that gives the best results, they also told me that they can use the Battery inverters to charge things from solar panels, but I feel that it is a waste of a device that they do that with their function in perspective, things should be for what were created.

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Amit Bajpayee , Solar Sales and Service Manager, answered

No, they don't work without sunlight as it is the primary source of producing energy. In order to convert sunlight into electricity, there must be sun. At nighttime, when the sun makes its daily round across the globe to provide other areas with sunlight, solar panels also go into sleepy mode. To overcome this, one can install batteries that can store electricity during sun hours and provide it at night time. Make sure to purchase solar panels that is manufactured by reputed solar company with latest technology at an affordable cost.

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