Can solar panels collect power 24 hours a day?


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Karen answered
NO. My neighbors had those installed and talk about UGLY. On a cloudy day, they get a little. On a rainy day, they get nothing. But, they seem not to care cause our weather is pretty good year round and they always have some stored. I know it cost more money than I am willing to part with so I'll just stay on my electric/gas train for now.
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Janey answered
No, most surface panels can only collect power for around 12 hours a day as there isn't sufficient heat in early morning/dawn or at night-time to generate more heat.
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Arthur Wright answered
Nope only when the Sun shines and half power through clouds but that's why the power is stored in batteries for use at night or when needed.
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Amit Bajpayee , Solar Sales and Service Manager, answered

If the solar panels don't get sun light for 24 hours, it's not possible to collect power for 24 hours a day. Power collection depends on the geographical area as well as weather. Power generation is less in rainy and cloudy days. If a sunny day, you will get 6 hours to collect power which is quite good. You will get less power if you live in southern or northern hemisphere compared to central areas. Use panels from best solar products companies so that more power is generated in less time.

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