Which Countries Grow The Most Genetically Modified (GM) Crops?


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The USA has taken GM up bigtime. Something like 60% of processed food sold in the USA has at least some GM ingredients. Livestock feed crops are especially affected. Over 60% of soybeans and 25% of maize (these are primarily livestock feed crops) grown in the USA are GM.

Argentina is said to be the 2nd largest grower of GM crops Over 80% of soya (mostly used as a feedcrop for the beef industry), and perhaps 10% of cotton and 6% of maize grown there are GM.

Canada is the 3rd largest producer. Over 50% of the oilseed rape grown there is GM. But there has been resistance to growing GM wheat, as it might hurt exports (notably to Europe and Japan).

Brazil grows a lot of GM soya for livestock, as well.

Coming as 5th largest procuer, over half of the cotton grown in China is GM, with trials of golden rice (changed so that it is naturally richer in Vitamin A) imminent or already started.

South Africa, India and other parts of Africa are all expected to become big producers of GM crops in the next decade. Australia agriculturalists have embraced GM crops enthusiastically, but their output will probably remain low for a long time.

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