Which Country Has The Most Islands?


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The country with the most islands is Finland with 179,584.

Since the end of the last ice age, Finland has continued to change and grow. On average, Finland grows by about three square miles each year. This is due to the landlift that still goes on. Each century, the land rises some 25 - 80 centimeters, drawing up new skerries out of the sea.

As the islands are known for their natural beauty, many Finns decide to make the islands their home in the summer. The islands enjoy a high standard of living, and fishing is how many island inhabitants make a living. Tourism is also a major industry.

Recently great cormorants have spread throughout many of the islands and their numbers are increasing. This worries conservationists because great cormorants live in large colonies and will eventually poison surrounding plant life by their excrement.

Survivor Finland anyone?

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