What Is Made When You Mix Rubbing Alcohol And Hydrogen Peroxide?


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Generally safe to combine pharmacy store rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. My wife uses it to clean enema buckets and tubing. A warning tho, is that occasionally for some reason the mix reacts with something as it drains thru the hose. If you get some on your skin, it burns and leaves a white burn mark. We have yet to figure why this happens.

I have seen on some info sites people suggest putting the above mixture in your ears to loosen ear wax. I'll never do it, knowing what could happen.

If your a swimmer, alcohol and white vinegar mixed 50/50 and dripped into each ear after swimming will prevent swimmers ear and infections after swimming in lakes, streams etc.
Commonly used by scuba divers. You can make it for pennies, it's the same ingredients that you will find in store bought products made for swimmers. The alcohol dries the ears and the vinegar restores the ears acidity.

You can use straight Hydrogen peroxide for loosen ear wax from what I read but, it does produce some heat. The heat probably softens the wax for removal for flushing with warm water.
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What you guys don't know, mixing Rubbing Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide forms an Unknown Chemical. It is Inactive for a few days, and when you leave it out, it forms an Acid, that can give you really Bad Chemical Burns.
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Have you gotten the answer anywhere? I am searching for the same thing....I've got an idea for a carpet cleaning solution, but I have 3 little ones so I'm not trying to take too many chances. Reading the ingredients on the back of my favorite cleaner suggests this is possible, but I don't know what all those other chemicals may be doing to prevent any potential problems...
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All it does is makes a very effective cleaner will clean anything
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Well, looking at their chemical formulas:

Hydrodgen Peroxide: 2(OH)

Isopropyl Alcohol: C3H8O

should be a form of oxidation, since isopropyl alcohol is a secondary
alcohol, it will create a ketone with the formula C3H7O, double bond on
the oxygen, with IUPAC name, "2-propanone", hopefully that helps! I
think that should be right, other possibility is that the peroxide will
remove an oxygen to make H20 and C3H8: Propane.

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I stupidly tried it to disinfect a hangnail without researching first, thankfully it just stung for a while as you might expect, but i don't believe it would be harmful to the skin, just remember if you do, keep it out of the little ones' eyes and mouth

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