Where Can I Study Geology?


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Geology is science of studying the history of the Earth from its beginning to the present. Geology studies the physical history of the planet. The changes that happen deep inside are recorded in the rocks that make the planet. One can study Geology at various Institutions and Universities across the globe, some of the universities being the Columbus State University, Cornell College, Harvard University etc. One can also take up a course in Geology online. Students need to register online for the course for a particular university and then study online. The subject is divided into various topics, and the final year may involve research in one of these topics. The study of this subject needs no prior knowledge and hence it gets all the more interesting to learn this science.
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Almost ten years back it was quiet difficult for one to decide or think about even the filed of geology. But now as the people know about that field they are coming into that filed more and more. I you are talking about Pakistan then in Pakistan there are different universities and they are offering different courses of geology.

Peshawar University is offering the geology program at bachelor's lever as 2 years of Bsc and then two year of masters in geology. In Islamabad two universities are offering programs for geology. Quaid-e-Azam University offers two years Bsc and two years of master in geology and Quiad-e-Azam University is famous for geology degree.

Bahria University at first was offering three years honors programs of geology now they have changed the three years degree program to four year BS program and then MS in geology as well. If we talk about Lahore then Punjab university offer two years program in geology and then master program in different filed like petroleum engineering, hydrogeology and other. Karachi University also offers 2 years geology programs at bachelor's level.
And over the world there are so many universities which are offering program for geology.
Liverpool University Canada offered geology degree and master program as well.

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