What Is Geology?


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Geology deals with the study of earth. It is a science which covers all aspects related to earth like it undertakes the study of matter that constitutes the earth. It has a broad scope because it also covers the study of structure, composition, physical properties, and history of Earth. It also discusses various processes of earth like how it was formed, how it moves and how it has changed over a period of time. Geology is also linked with industrial study and engineering because industrial studies deals with the mineral extractions which are found on earth and engineering is closely linked with geotechnical aspects of earth.

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Geology is a Greek word which means earth and logy means science. So geology is basically a science and knowledge solid matters of earth. To understand the facts and figures of earth is not an easy task, because our earth is not an unchanging mass but rather a dynamic body with a long and complex history.

The nature of earth, its history and different process that are taking place above and under the earth has been focus of studies from centuries. In geology we study the earth by direct observations on rocks which are possible either by bore hole method or by surface exposure method as well.

Geology is traditionally divided into two main branches, one is historical geology and other is physical geology.

Historical geology is mainly concerned with the origin and history of earth, and different kind of changes that are taking place on earth through time. Historical geology helps to establish orderly chronological arrangements of the multitude of physical and biological changes that have occurred in the geologic past . Whereas Physical geology is concerned with different process that are taking place beneath and above the surface. The study of physical geology precedes the study of earth history. The late 19th century is regarded as birth of modern geology.
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While constructng road or buiding,a geologist first check the compositin of soil of the place then only it is proceed.
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Well, geology is the study of the Earth and it's history. By learning more about the Earth we understand it better and we also learn of the dangers and invent good warning systems and monitor these dangers. I guess it takes someone, like myself, to show appreciation for this science to understand why we do. There are so many people who ask why, others study and find out. That is what geology is about. How are crystals formed? What causes eruptions and earthquakes? How does rock change? What is the strongest/ weakest rock? How do you measure the hardness? Where did mountains come from? The study of geology is the founder of the answers to these questions.

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