How To Build A Magnetic Crane?


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Making a magnetic crane can be a great science experiment or a fun project regardless of age. These simple versions of much larger machines will use an electromagnetic field to pick up other objects much like the bigger versions do.
You will want to begin the project by gathering your supplies. First on your list is a power source. A power pack or D-cell battery will work great for this purpose. Next you want a large nail, bolt or other piece of steel about four to six inches long. Then you want to find ten feet of coated wire.  Magnet wire is preferred but other types of wire will be acceptable for this project. Finally you should have some vinyl electrical tape.
Start the project by wrapping the wire around your nail or bolt in several even wraps. You want to use a lot of wraps because this will increase your electromagnetic field. Once you have completed that step you will then strip the insulation off of the end of the wire about two centimeters up. This section is going to connected to the battery and used to give your project its power. Now you will take the tape and attach these ends to each section of the D-cell battery.
Once you have it all connected you can use your new electromagnetic device. Find some paperclips, pins or other items made from steel. Then you can use this to pick them up. The magnetic field should hold the object as long as it is attached to a valid power supply. Once the power supply is drained, the object will no longer be held.
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I'm assuming you mean for a science project or demonstration.
You need an AC to DC power converter (ripple eliminator) such as 120 volt to 12 volt DC.
Wrap (coil) an insulated wire closely around a metal rod.
Connect one end of the wire to one of the converter terminals.
Connect the other end of the same wire thru a single pole switch with a short piece of wire to the other terminal on the converter.
Turn on the converter, flip the switch on and the magnet should attract other metal objects.

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I assume you are talking about an electromagnetic pick up device. Iron is the material of choice for such a device. You make the iron magnetically attractive by wrapping a coil of copper wire around the center pole. When an electric current flows through the wire the magnet becomes active when you switch it off the attraction stops.
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Do not make it, it's too tough!

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There are a couple of videos on the internet on how to make an electromagnetic crane.

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Rap a wire around a bolt and connect the wires to a swich and battery.
Then tiy it to a crane
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The simple way is as follows:
The crane should have a DC electromagnet on it. And the object will have a permanent magnet on it so to lift the object, you don't need power. And then to release it, you will just pulse the electromagnet and repel the PM. See the link below for more information:
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