How Do Magnet Cranes Work?


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A magnetic crane works by picking an object utilizing the magnetic pull of the magnet. Its capacity to pick higher loads depends upon the power of the magnet.
The working principle of magnetic crane is based upon the basic principle of magnetism:
"Opposite poles attract each other."
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Electromagnetic crane has a huge electric magnet instead of a hook. This magnet is operated by an electrical current. When electric is switched on the magnet becomes magnetized,allowing metal objects to be picked up just like an ordinary magnet. When electric is turned off the metal object will fall away, as it is no longer magnetized.
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They work on the principle of magnetic force. The magnetic fields induce centripetal forces on charges. If the speed is not changing then the kinetic energy is not changing, and therefore no work has been done on the charge. Otherwise it works and attracts the solid matter.
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What power is used to activate and deactivate the magnet on a crane?

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