In A Physical Change, A New Substance Is Formed Is This True Or False?


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No, that is False because a Physical Change is a change in which no new substance is formed; a Chemical Change results in the formation of one or more new substances.

I know that because I am learning that in school right now, and I doubled checked and the internet said it was false also!
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Yes it is true. The best example you can take is of water. After the physical change, it becomes ice or even air.
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plz check your answer it is not as per question asked. In physical change only state of substance changes not its basic or chemical properties. so we cant say a new substance has formed.
Paul Constantinescu
physical change would mean the water has changed physically not chemically. For water to become air you have to change the substance chemically.... ice is still the same substance only frozen.
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No, it is false. In change of state, only a change in physical state happens in a system(solid,liquid or gas).

The substance remains the same, because there is no enough heat to start a chemical process to make another substance^^
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I'm also at school and learning the same thing and yes it's false because we do Science and right now we have been doing a report! :)

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