What Is The Largest Building In The UK?


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'The Shard' skyscraper in London is the tallest building in the UK, although the real answer to this question really depends on your definition of the word 'building'.

The tallest building in the UK
Although 'The Shard' towers over most man-made structures around the world, the Emley Moor transmitting tower in Kirklees, West Yorkshire is actually taller.

However, whether a transmission tower really constitutes a 'building' is up for debate.

Regardless of your opinion, the 309.6m (1016 ft) Shard is widely heralded as the tallest building in the UK, and in Europe.

The tower has 72 floors, and also boasts a viewing gallery that is proving very popular with tourists.

The skyscraper is designed in the shape of an 'irregular pyramid', which also makes it the tallest pyramid in the world!

There are several different names used to describe the landmark building, including: 
  • Shard of Glass
  • Shard London Bridge
  • The London Bridge Tower.
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CIS tower is said to be the tallest office building outside London. It is about to make history as the UK's largest-ever solar project.
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The Argos Distribution Centre in Darlington, Co. Durham is pretty big.
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Forth rail bridge.

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