Which Is The Biggest And Largest Building In India ?


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The imperial in mumbai
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The longest building in india is the "chinsurah court building", hooghly, west bengal...
But, if you consider floor area, it may not be the largest... Mind it, it is the "longest" building in india, as well as asia...
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In mumbai
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India does not have many skyscrapers due to a low Floor space index. Most of the high rise buildings are in the commercial capital Mumbai, where space is a premium. Having skyscrapers puts a huge strain on existing infrastructure. Water, parking, fire fighting and earthquake damage are all some of the ills of skyscrapers and permission to construct such is usually denied. A building above 24 metres is classified as a high-rise. Here is the list of tallest buildings in India.

Tallest towers in India Structure :
Mumbai Television Tower Mumbai
Pitampura TV Tower New Delhi

20 Tallest buildings in India:

India International Trade Center (Proposed) Mumbai 320 72 1
The Imperial (you/C) Mumbai 252 60 2
Ashok Towers 1 (you/C) Mumbai  53 3
Planet Godrej (you/C) Mumbai 221 51 4
Shreepati Arcade Mumbai 161 45 5
RNA Mirage (you/C) Mumbai 149 41 7 (tie)
Belvedere Court Mumbai 149 40 7 (tie)
Oberoi Spas (you/C) Mumbai  40 9
Kalpataru Heights Mumbai 144 39 10
Orchid Enclave (you/C) Mumbai  47 11
The Legend (you/C) Mumbai  40 12
Suraj Towers Mumbai  40 13
Rushabh Mumbai  40 14
Heritage (you/C) Mumbai 138 34 15
KSRTC Tower (Proposed) Bangalore  45 16
Oberoi Woods Towers (you/C) Mumbai  40 17
South City (you/C) Kolkata  35 18
Oberoi Skyheights (you/C) Mumbai  35 19
DSK Durgamata (you/C) Mumbai  32 20
Oberoi Woods Towers (you/C) Mumbai 129 30 21

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