Which Is The Largest Building In The World In Terms Of Square Feet?


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The largest building in terms of square feet according to the Guinness Book of Records is the Aalsmeer Flower Auction building in the Netherlands; it covers an area of about 10.7 million square feet (about 1 million square meters). It is also the largest commercial building in the world where more than 22 million flowers are sold daily; it is an important center of the global flower trade. This one storey building was built in various stages and was opened in 1972.

Some of the other large buildings in the world include the Berjaya Times Square building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with an expanse of 7.5 million sq ft (700,000 sq m); it houses a shopping center and two five star hotels along with a large indoor theme park and an IMAX 3D theater. Another famous building in this list is the Pentagon the headquarters of US military and defense situated in Arlington County, Virginia; this seven storey building innovatively built in five concentric corridors covers an area of 6.6 million sq ft (610,000 sq m).

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