Are There Any Advantages To Being Right-Handed?


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It is thought that up to 90% of the world's population is right-handed. This means that the primary advantage that right handed people have over 'lefties' is that the world generally caters for right-handed people.

The advantages of being right-handed

Any man-made device that requires manual dexterity is usually designed with right-handed users in mind.

Here are a few examples of such objects:

  • Guitars
  • Door knobs
  • Drinking fountains

Historically, being left-handed also comes with a significant social stigma, although this has certainly diminished in modern times.

In fact, as far as several studies are into the topic are concerned, left-handed people tend to display an advantage in several fields themselves.

The advantages of being left-handed

The difficulty with scientific research regarding the advantages of being left- or right-handed is that much of the information we have is inconclusive. To this day, science is still unable to determine exactly why one person is born left-handed and why another is born right-handed.

Having said that, there are several fields in which it is believed left-handed people might have the 'upper hand' (I was just waiting to drop that one in there).

According to Dr. Alan Searleman of St. Lawrence University, NY, left handed people have the following advantages:

  • Better problem solving skills
  • A higher IQ
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This all proves that right-handed people are boring and uninteresting, and left-handed people are awesome! :D

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One of the advantage is you will easily handle a computer mouse, and you can change the gears of a car easily.

Right-handed people use the left side of the brain more compared to lefties. The left side of brain is associated with logical and analytical thinking.

Right-handed people work in sequence. First things first and then second things next.

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